23rd Chief’s Message August 2010

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To: All Clansmen and Clanswomen
Greetings wherever you may be!

Diana and I send you our best wishes for what remains of 2010, a year which seems so far to have seen more than its fair share of disasters and troubles. Let us hope it will end on a happier note.

My son Jamie and I were pleased to meet so many Macnabs at the festivities in Edinburgh and Killin in 2009. I was also pleased that a Neishe called at our Clan tent in Holyrood Park with his head still secure and a friendly smile on his face. I gave him a dram for old times’ sake!

Since 2009 both Jamie and I had a backlog of things to deal with. In Jamie’s case he has been under pressure at work. In my case I am trying to catch up with the backlog in my office. However at the age of 84 everything is beginning to take longer and I do not have the same energy as I did a year or two ago!

During the 2009 Gathering and at the Killin Games a number of clansmen suggested that efforts should be made to reform the Clan Society in Scotland and the UK. Jamie is keen to take this forward and will shortly be calling a meeting of four clansmen who have volunteered to act with him in what I call a “Steering Committee”. They will come forward with suggestions as to how a new Clan Society should be organised and function in the 21st century utilising modern means of communication. The suggestions will then be put to clansmen at a suitable inaugural ceremony or meeting. I am going to take a back seat and let them get on with it. Regular updates will be posted on the Clan website.

In the course of the coming weeks I will be posting various historical articles on the website. Among the first will be an account of Macnabs who settled on the island of Islay based on information provided by former Glasgow police officer Archie Peter Macnab. I
am also trying to find out more about Macnabs who settled on Skye. The Macnab Tavern in Portree visited by Prince Charles Stuart in 1746 is of particular interest.

I have also been going through the Clan Macnab Association Papers 1920-1930, which contain a few interesting biographical notes of prominent Macnabs, who were members of the Association. These will also be posted on the website in due course and should be of interest to their descendants.

I hope to have more to pass on in the near future, so keep an eye on the website.

James Macnab of Macnab

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