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Our Clan Chief, Jamie Macnab of Macnab, has secured 150 tickets for our clan participation in the Edinburgh Tattoo in August, 2017. You will need a password in order to purchase these tickets. You must email clanmacnabsociety@gmail.com in order to receive the ticket link and password.

"Clan Macnab have been allocated 9pm on Thursday 3rd August 2017 alongside Clan Hay. This is the Press Preview night and is the very first performance. The idea is that we all go to watch the show dressed in tartan and fifty plus of us will have an involvement at the start of the performance."

Premier Seat with Show Programme
CLAN Macnab £62.50

Sections 6-11
CLAN Macnab £35.00

Sections 2-5/12-15
CLAN Macnab £24.00

Sections 2-5/12-15
CLAN Macnab £21.50

Section 1/16
CLAN Macnab £15.50
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There have been a number of interesting developments since my last update, first and foremost being results for A. McNab, who has a provable paper pedigree which links to the Cadet House of Acharn. A shows connections to several others in the project. Perhaps of most interest is a somewhat unexpected link between A and DF, who has a paper pedigree that connects to the cadet house of Innishewan. This gives us a lot to think about as far as the connection between Acharn and Innishewan.

The history of the Clan, as written to date, hasn't really suggested where Acharn 'came off' the main stem of the Chiefs, but the earliest record we have of a Macnab in Acharn is Donald in 1553. According to Archibald, 17th Chief, the Innishewans 'came off' in the 12th century, although there is also an oral history that the Innishewans were the original line of the Chiefs. Yet DF and A, an Innishewan and an Acharn respectively test as having a 97% chance of a common male ancestor in the past 16 generations (roughly 500 years - so 1500 or so) and an almost 100% chance in the past 20 to 24 generations (roughly 600-720 years - so 1300-1400 range). This would strongly suggest that the Acharns were an offshoot of the Innishewans sometime between 1300 and 1500.

It's entirely possible, of course, given our lack of records, that the original Acharns died out, emigrated, or otherwise moved on, and that the property (which was always held by the Acharns of the Bovain Chiefs) was latterly taken over by an Innisehwan younger son.

We also need to keep in mind that these estimations are all based on averages, and the statistical probability that there will be a spontaneous mutation in yDNA roughly once every 3 generations. If, within a particular male line, the rate of mutation is lower or higher than average, multiplied over a few centuries, the prediction model can easily be skewed. Regardless, what is pretty certain is that Innishewan and Acharn came from one common male ancestor, almost certainly within the past 1000 years.

Others within the project showing a possible connection to Andrew are:

JA - 93% chance of a common McNab ancestor in the past 16 generations; 99% in the past 24 generations (oldest known McNab ancestor Hugh in Kirkmichael, Ayrshire c. 1830)
GJ - 84% at 4 generations; 99.5 at 8 generations; 100% at 24 generations (oldest known Macnab ancestor James McNab C. 1830)
V - 93% at 24 generations (oldest known Macnab ancestor Henry, Ireland, c. 1780)
K - 86% at 24 generations (believed to be from the same line as V)

Several other Macnabs/McNabs/McNabbs/MacNabbs, etc. In the project have made connections with others, often on different continents, whose DNA shows that they share a common Macnab ancestor in the past 4-24 generations.
This gives them some potential new leads to take their history back further, and also gives me the chance to give anyone who might not yet be convinced that yDNA testing is a good idea a bit of an example of its potential. In some cases, these Macnabs have put out considerable time and money researching their family history, but run into brick walls they can't break through. In other cases, for a variety of reasons, they may have so little information about their Macnab history that research is difficult or impossible. In either case, their DNA has now connected them with someone else with a pedigree that goes much further back, which will allow them to compare notes, and see if they can find common ground. The more Macnabs join the project, the more the pool expands, and the greater the odds become of making connections.

Instructions for joining the project can be found in earlier posts on this page. If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or email me.

Loraine Smith
Shennachie to the Chief of Clan Macnab
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Anyone near Atlanta, GA should join us for the Stone Mtn Highland Games this weekend! We have a great Clan representation and would love to meet more. ... See MoreSee Less

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Clan MacNab – Message from the chief

Welcome to clan-Macnab.com which is the official web site for the Macnabs in Scotland. The objective of this web site is to connect Macnabs from all over the world with each other and to give them a link to where they originate from in Scotland.

We hope that you find this site interesting and that you will contribute to it by sending in your own Macnab stories and photographs to be shared with your extended family.

We will also be using this site to promote clan gatherings and events. There will be a Macnab Gathering at the Killin Highland Games on Wednesday 6th August 2014. Lanny and Joseph McNab from the US will be leading a party of Clansmen to Scotland and we extend an open invitation to all Macnabs to attend.

If you are interested in the clan please do register your details on this site (there is no charge) and we can then email you to keep you up to date. Please also join us on Facebook and Twitter and contribute to our blog.

I hope to make contact with you in person through this web site and to meet you in person at Killin.

Yours Aye

Jamie Macnab of Macnab

24th Chief of Clan Macnab

Clan MacNab on the cover of Scots Heritage Magazine

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