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Spiced Scottish Ale with a McNabb twist

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Well done to the Innis Bhuidhe manager Donald McLarty for starting to charge for visiting the Island. He has raised over £200 for conservation and repair in a few weeks. Thank you also to Kay Dowling for raising funds by selling Clan Histories in the Bridge End Mill Shop. ... See MoreSee Less

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A photograph of the precarious wall on Innis Bhuidhe. Rod Binns of Lorn Macneal Architects is visiting next week with a Structural Engineer to advise on repair and conservation. We will need to start fund raising for The Macnab Memorial Trust to pay for the works. ... See MoreSee Less

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Only 43 miles from Killin but not been for a long time. Need to go back soon.

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Clan MacNab – Message from the chief

Welcome to clan-Macnab.com which is the official web site for the Macnabs in Scotland. The objective of this web site is to connect Macnabs from all over the world with each other and to give them a link to where they originate from in Scotland.

We hope that you find this site interesting and that you will contribute to it by sending in your own Macnab stories and photographs to be shared with your extended family.

We will also be using this site to promote clan gatherings and events. There will be a Macnab Gathering at the Killin Highland Games on Wednesday 6th August 2014. Lanny and Joseph McNab from the US will be leading a party of Clansmen to Scotland and we extend an open invitation to all Macnabs to attend.

If you are interested in the clan please do register your details on this site (there is no charge) and we can then email you to keep you up to date. Please also join us on Facebook and Twitter and contribute to our blog.

I hope to make contact with you in person through this web site and to meet you in person at Killin.

Yours Aye

Jamie Macnab of Macnab

24th Chief of Clan Macnab

Clan MacNab on the cover of Scots Heritage Magazine

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